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Sustainable and Ethical Museums in a Globalised World
The 2019 Museums Association Annual Conference & Exhibition explored the theme of Sustainable and Ethical Museums in a Globalised World.

In the face of current social and political upheaval, demographic changes, rising inequalities and climate change, museums are in a strong position to encourage and facilitate debate about these challenging issues.

The conference focused on how the sector can help to create a more sustainable world, communicate challenges such as poverty and climate change to audiences, and support campaigns that are working for a fairer and more sustainable society.

Sessions explored what the environmentally, financially and socially sustainable museum of the future might look like. What kind of leadership is needed in the sector to make change possible? In the age of globalisation, how do we confront the legacies of empire? And what is the role of global tourism in a more sustainable world?

The debates and ideas shared at Brighton 2019 highlighted the power of museums to address urgent contemporary questions, and proved that it is more important than ever for museums to have ethics at their core.