Glasgow 2016 app

Your interactive guide to conference
A comprehensive, interactive guide to the Museums Association Conference and Exhibition 2016.

The app is only available to conference delegates, registered exhibition visitors, and exhibitors who have received their joining instructions and badge.

Delegates and exhibitors have full access to all of sections of the app. Registered visitors have access to the exhibition section.

The first time the app is loaded, you will be prompted to login by entering your email address, which will give you access to the relevant features.

Apple (iPhone, iPad)

The app is available now to download free for Apple devices (iPhone and iPad) from the Apple app store.


The app is available now to download free for Android devices at Google Play.

Blackberry and Windows

web version of the app is available free for Blackberry and Windows users.

Features / using the app

Find full details of conference sessions, MP Workshops, Careers Hub and social events at the 'Conference' and 'Exhibition' buttons in the footer of the app.

My agenda

In each session and event you can click on the '+' icon to add the title and time to your agenda. It also gives you the option to synch this to your device's calendar.

Come Dine With Me

Sign up here to have dinner on Monday night with MA staff, session organisers, MA board members, and other delegates.

Limited places available. First come first served.


List of keynote speakers with links to their biographies and the sessions that they will be speaking at.

My notes

In each session and event you can click on the pen icon to make notes in the app. You can then email your notes to yourself or others by clicking on the 'Send' button on the main 'My notes' page.

Social Media

Follow the conference on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Feedback on individual sessions by clicking on the speech bubble icon and entering your rating.

Delegates and exhibition visitors are also invited to submit feedback on the conference and exhibition via the 'Feedback' button on the left hand side menu of the app.

Essential information

A summary of important dates, times, and places during conference, including registration information.


Interactive maps allow you to navigate the SECC, with details of sessions in each room, see which exhibitors are at each stand in the Exhibition Hall, and find your way around Glasgow with details of accommodation and conference venues.


See a full list of conference delegates and opt in or out of the chat function. Opting in to the chat function allows you to message other delegates who have opted in, indicated by a speech bubble next to their name.

Business card swapping allows you to enter your details to create a QR code that can then be scanned with the QR reader to give your details to another app user, or receive their details. The details can then be saved into your or their device's address book.


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03.11.2016, 15:23

Fantastic idea for the app, but unfortunately I'm having problems logging in with my email address too.
Any ideas to get it to work?
02.11.2016, 19:12
Hi, this is a fantastic app, thank you!

However, I'm having problems adding the "1100-1145 Getting your foot in the door: CV dos and don'ts that will get you over the threshold", on the 7th of November, to my agenda, it always blocks when I'm doing it and I can't even add it manually... Any advice?

Thank you!
Nat Edwards
Shared Stories in Shared Spaces
29.10.2016, 21:31
Hi I'm really looking forward to using the app but struggling to log in with my email address - any advice?
01.11.2016, 10:35
Hi Nat -

Sorry it's giving you problems. I'll email you now with a fix.

All best, Patrick