Who said that?

Rebecca Atkinson, 09.10.2014
Match the tweet with the tweeter
How well do you know the people and museums you follow on Twitter? Judging from the results of last night’s pre-conference tweetup quiz, it’s a mixed picture.

A few entries achieved a top score of 16 out of 16, correctly matching the twitter account with the tweet. Others failed to make the grade, their judgement possibly affected by the wine previously served at the earlier networking reception at the Senedd (surely only one museum would ever tweet about a jar of moles?).

09102014-senedd-drinks (ID 1104988)
Drinks at the Senedd. Picture by Siane Williams.

Following a prize draw, I’m happy to announce the winner of the quiz (and recipient of a bag of Welsh cakes) as @zapactive.

There are no more prizes to win, but if you want to see how well you know Twitter’s museums, then simply match the numbered tweets with the tweeters:

1. Can you learn to love a bright blue slug whose bum drops off when it’s scared? Tickets available for just £2.50!

2. Book now for a day of folklore and magic Saturday October 4 at the Museum

3. New #Staffshoard gallery opens Oct 17th

4. #DidYouKnow that Branwell Bronte worked on the railways&was sacked due to incompetence. Today marks 166 yrs since his death at the age of 31

5. Honoured & excited by today's appointment. Thank you to the incredible people I've worked with in skills, now for culture, sport & tourism!

6. Dancers from Leimay created a beautiful performance in the Court tonight as part of @beatbrooklyn Opening Night.

7. Tomorrow we are outside boots in town with our pop-up #coalnotdole exhibition, come say hi and grab a badge!

8. At our sites I've worked on visitor reception, fed wool into an historic working carding machine and joined a safety inspection down a mine!

9. Very excited to be going on Museum of London boat trip on Thames to hear about new art commission & exhibition, I DO love a boat trip!

10. I suffer so much ... in this world, for last night's joviality, that I shall escape scot-free for it in the world to come. #BurnsHungover

11. Plural Animal Wednesday (#PAW): A labour of moles (and we thought it was "a jar")

12. Any last minute votes for our alpaca's name? Deadline today, with the result and prize draw winner announced Friday

13. After the Scottish referendum, what now for English cities and their beleaguered museums? A strategy needed, perhaps?

14. Cardiff Cake Off is coming! Spread the word... #CardiffCakeOff

15. A honeymoon couple visited today. We gave them "just married" pencils as a memento. Enjoy married life.

16. Wonderful to receive our first mail with the new Abram Games postmark on what would have been his 100th birthday.