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OrganisationRoyal College of Physicians
Type of enquiryDisposal

Facsimile copies of memorial plaques from the burial case of William Harvey

The six objects listed below have been approved for transfer by the Royal College of Physicians and are currently available.

IV51: Metal memorial plaque, inscribed: 'DOCTER WILLIAM HARVEY DECESED THE 3 OF JUNE 1657 AGED 79 YEARS'
IV52 and IV53 Two plaster memorial plaques, inscribed: 'DOCTER WILLIAM HARVEY DECESED THE 3 OF JUNE 1657 AGED 79 YEARS'
IV46.2 - metal plaque depicting a face, likely made of lead.
IV45.1 and IV45.2 Two plaster plaque depicting a face.

If you are interested in acquiring an object or would like further information, please email by 1st April 2020.

Please include the following information in your register of interest:

• The organisation you are representing
• The object number of the object(s) that you wish to acquire
• How you intend to use the object(s) for public benefit;
• How you will ensure the long-term care of the object;
• Your full contact details

Following the closing date given above, all registers of interest will be considered and the most
suitable recipient(s) selected.

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ContactElizabeth Douglas
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Date posted05.03.2020

Result 8 of 201