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Miscellaneous components (mostly aviation-related)

Miscellaneous components (mostly aviation-related)
Roughly 282 items or parts: see attached pdf for full list with photos and detail on condition.
The list includes rheostats, modulator unit, polarised buzzer, power units, transformer, button panel, radar test set, distribution panel, mounts, ordnance equipment, actuator, viscometer, control panels, navigation beacon parts, buttons & switches, trolley accumulator parts, sockets, oil pump, generator, engine components, gun sights & parts, amplifiers, oscillators, lenses, adaptors, junction boxes, tuning unit directional gyro, rotary transformers, valve tester, igniter unit, HT leakage indicator, transient suppressor, switch box, ignition tester, signal generator, plastic astrodome with wooden base; multi-line contactor, electric motors, dynamotor, radio voltmeter, air blower, dynamos, ACR 10 Cathode Ray Tube, metal panels, switchboard, modulator unit, range control, lights, valves, radar parts, oscilloscopes, chassis assembly, computers (weapon aiming, present position, bomb), distributer; compass system parts, wind finding attachments, ground position indicator, surface movement correctors, clinometer, EM release unit, among others. Note that several items are constructed with historic plastics, which may encapsulate some asbestos fibres. Transfers to new owners will be done under the museum sector REACH exemption.

If you are interested in these items, please contact us using the details below. Priority will be given to Accredited museums and those taking several items, but all expressions of interest will be considered. Interested parties will be contacted after two months of advertising.

For further information on National Museums Scotland’s deaccessioning and disposals policy, see


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Date posted22.04.2020

Result 20 of 149