Disposal toolkit

A step by step guide to help you hone your collection
In conjunction with Arts Council England, CyMAL, Museums Galleries Scotland and the Northern Ireland Museums Council, the Museums Association (MA) revised the Disposal Toolkit in March 2014, to provide updated practical guidance for museums considering disposal.

Based on the MA's code of ethics, the toolkit provides detailed advice on the process of identifying appropriate items for disposal, and ensuring that their removal from a museum collection is ethical.

The Disposal Toolkit is available to download below in both English and Welsh. The toolkit is accompanied by an appendix with guidance on financially-motivated disposal.


Disposal Toolkit (pdf)

Additional guidance on financially motivated disposal (pdf)

Guidance on curatorially motivated disposal in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland (pdf)

Disposal toolkit [Welsh] (pdf)

Additional guidance on financially motivated disposal [Welsh] (pdf)

Further information and advice

If you are unsure about a proposed disposal we urge you to contact us for confidential advice at an early stage, especially in difficult areas where practice is evolving, such as proposed sale of collections.

In the first instance please contact:
Alistair Brown
Policy Officer
(e) alistair@museumsassociation.org
(t) 020 7566 7860