Project planning

The MA Logic Model and Workplan were provided by the MA and (with the support of the Coach or Mentor if needed) were used as project planning and management tools by almost all projects.

The Logic Model and Workplan helped to:

  • Keep ambitions in check
  • Stay on track
  • Agree actions and deadlines
  • Monitor progress
  • Achieve concrete outcomes
  • Keep the project on track when responsibility was passed from one person to another
  • Organise workflows and allocate tasks
  • Manage partners’ actions and deadlines
  • Identify dependencies and risks

Using the Logic Model and Workplan – downloads

Museums Association: Logic Model template (pdf)

Museums Association: Workplan example (pdf)

Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology Project Plan: Egyptian Education and Cultural Bureau Display project (pdf)

STICK/National Museums Scotland Logic Model: Old Tools New Uses project (pdf)

Slough Museum Logic Model (pdf)

Dorset County Museums Advisory Service Workplan: Accessible Archaeology in Dorset project (pdf)