Partnerships 1

Museums benefitted greatly from their partnerships. They were able to use the project to foster and develop relationships that were strategically important; the project provided a vehicle for testing out and growing their partnership - through tackling the practical requirements of a collections review.

Key points:

  • Work with partners that have the capacity to see the project through
  • Ensure partners with low capacity but with an interest in the outcome still benefit
  • Learn new ways of working from partners

Partnerships - the gains...

Partnerships - better working relationships with museums

  • Helped to clarify museums' mutual aims and roles
  • Enabled access and interpretation of objects on loan
  • Developed learning resources
  • Improved mutual reach

Partnerships - learning from and working with other organisations in the community

  • Extended Museums' reach and understanding of people within their community
  • Accessed individual volunteer subject experts through partners
  • Accessed specialist resources needed to complete the collections review
  • Provided access to a network of contacts and volunteers
  • Explored new territory

Partnerships 2

  Key points

  • Form partnerships with those that help you  engage with and reach the formerly unreached in your community  

  • Learn new specific skills from partners
  • Ask for their support, guidance and ideas

Partnerships 3

Small museums can greatly benefit from partnership by:

  • Accessing resources and expertise
  • Collaborating on mobile exhibition design 
  • Sharing collections
  • Helping larger museums reach dispersed communities