Collections learning: comment

Share your thoughts on the use of collections, your experiences in doing collections reviews, and ways of working with collections.

Effective Collections projects developed lots of innovative ways of working with partners, experts and volunteers as well as new and exciting ways of reaching communities.

And how do you think you could make use of the Collections Learning Hub? How would you like to see it develop?


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Maurice Davies
MA Member
Head of Policy
09.01.2013, 07:21
The MA is supporting a further round of Monument Fellowships at the moment and applying our previous learning to them. Monument Fellowships and Effective Collections taught us a vast amount about knowledge and collections and that informs much of our work. It also feeds into the MA-run Esmee Fairbairn Collections Fund
Mary (Marette) Hickford
MA Member
Volunteer, IWM Friends, Imperial War Museum
04.01.2013, 10:57
After participating in the London workshop about the Museums 2020 strategy, I can confirm that there were disagreements about the use of collections in the context of some of the issues being discussed - social justice and participation. After having a skim of this particular website page, please can somebody from the MA inform me whether the research from this hub and related projects which includes the Monument Fellowship has or will be used for future research?