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Essential Mentoring

We’re delighted to announce that our Essential Mentoring programme is returning from September to December 2021.

As a member of the Museums Association, you can book a 1.5-hour slot with one of our listed mentors, enabling focused professional development through discussion and exchange. Their role is to hold a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space for you.

They will listen, ask questions, make observations, and share reflections based on your specific situation.

As a direct response to Covid-19 we implemented a new approach to mentoring for our individual members.

We knew that the situations individuals would be facing would often be unique to them, and so a better way to access professional development and support was through 1:1 discussions.

Over 200 people participated in our Covid mentoring programmes and we want to build on this engagement, positive feedback and impact.

If you are interested in accessing a 1.5 hour Essential Mentoring session, please email Tamsin Russell, our workforce development officer, with your membership number:

Tamsin will send you the outline of the programme and the lists of mentors available.

To access Essential Mentoring, you need to be an individual member of the Museums Association. Not yet a member? Join us today.

Following the success of three Covid-19 response mentoring programmes last year, we wanted to ensure that our members who continue to face new and challenging situations were supported over and above our existing professional development programmes.

This is a perfect opportunity to develop your professional practice and be a recipient of the benefits of mentoring, especially if this is your first time as a mentee.

Tamsin Russell, workforce development officer