Call for case studies on inclusive recruitment - Museums Association

Call for case studies on inclusive recruitment

We are committed to supporting the sector in diversifying the workforce through attracting, developing and progressing people from different backgrounds and experiences.

As part of this commitment, we are developing a resource hub focused on inclusive recruitment and selection, highlighting current thinking and practices that will help organisations look at their practices and design them for maximum inclusion.

We would welcome examples of organisations looking at recruitment and selection practice differently, specifically:

  • Innovative recruitment and selection practice – for example the use of apps, vlogs, or anything that is innovative for a particular organisation
  • Recruiter or applicant training or workshops
  • Inclusive practice initiatives that look at varied reasonable adjustments and beyond

Case studies should be about 300 words long and accompanied by photographs where possible.


In your response, please provide the following information, giving as much detail as you like:

  • Name, job title and organisation (if relevant)
  • What have you put in place to support inclusive recruitment and selection?
  • How was this change received by your organisation?
  • How successful has this change been, if you have evidence?
  • Has the feedback from applicants and candidates been positive?
  • What are the biggest barriers when it comes to inclusion?  
  • How would you like to see the sector move forward? 
  • What can be done to support this?  
  • Any other comments regarding inclusive recruitment and selection

Please email your case studies to Tamsin Russell ( by 24 September 2021.

Please also email Tamsin if this is an area of work you are interested in exploring further.