Sustainability links

There are plenty of websites and organisations that can help you make your museum more sustainable. Here's a selection:

American Association of Museums
AAM has a green commitee

The Association of Independent Museum gives grants to help museums improve their economic sustainability.

Arcola is (striving to become) the UK's first carbon-neutral theatre. Their work is inspirational.

British Council
The British Council has published Long Horizons, a useful overview of cultural sector climate change work (pdf) 

The British Museum
The British Museum held a conference on sustainability in conservation.
Click here to read a short article about it

The Carbon Trust
The Carbon Trust helps organisations reduce their energy consumption, including grant schemes.

Nick Merriman's research into sustainability and museum collections. (word)

The Department for Culture Media and Sport is looking at sustainable development.
Ecsite has looked at what science centres and science museums are doing to raise awareness of climate change

English Heritage
English Heritage has a variety of resources on climate change and historic buildings.

Green exhibits
Green exhibits has loads of ideas for making your museum more environmentally friendly.
These guidelines on sustainable exhibit design might also be helpful.

Green museums
For the latest news on green museums.

Green Museums Initiative
The California Association of Museums sponsors the Green Museums Initiative. Their website has lots of tips and links - and invites you to sign up to its Green Museums Accord.

Green Tourism
The Green Tourism Business Scheme is the national sustainable tourism certification scheme for the UK. Its members include museums.

Greener Museums
Greener Museums is a UK-based site run by Rachel Madan who also advises Tate on sustainability.

Green Watch
Museums Journal's Green watch column gives brief details of green museum issues. 
Click here to read archived Green Watch articles

The Heritage Lottery Fund has published guidance on planning greener heritage projects.

The International Institute for Conservation held two roundtables on climate change and museum collections. (pdf) 
and (pdf)

Mission Models Money
Mission Models Money is a project that helps cultural organisations develop financially sustainable business models.

Julie’s Bicycle
Julie’s Bicycle works to make the creative industries green, including this guide for the visual arts:  

Museum of East Anglian Life
The Museum of East Anglian Life has been working with the New Economics Foundation to explore ideas of happiness, which are closely related to sustainability

Museum Practice
Museum Practice includes regular articles on museums and sustainability.
Click here for a list of archived MP articles on museums and sustainability

National Trust
The National Trust is taking sustainability far more seriously than most museums. As a single example, it's planning to save over 2000 tonnes of carbon (and over £400,000 a year) by changing its lightbulbs.

The National Museum Directors Conference is promoting new standards for museum environmental control that respond to the need to use less energy.
Click here to read a short article about it

Find full details here:

Renaissance East of England
Renaissance East of England held a conference on Museums, Sustainability and Growth. A lot of the content is available online.
Click here to see the REE content

Renaissance East Midlands
Renaissance East Midlands has produced several useful guides to help museums to become greener:
Green Museums report (pdf)
Green Museums step-by-step guide (pdf)
Green quick wins (pdf)
Environmental performance spreadsheet (Excel)

The Royal Society of Arts had an arts and ecology initiative.

Sustainableability gives an overview of cultural sector responses to climate change and resource scarcity and an interactive map that can help you find initiatives near you  

Sustainable exhibitions for museums
SEFM works towards sharing knowledge to improve the sustainability of the design, production and staging of exhibitions.

Theatres Trust
The Theatres Trust runs Ecovenue, which improves the energy performance of theatres

University College London has a centre for sustainable heritage.