Principles for sustainable museums

The MA has drafted these principles for sustainable museums.

To flourish sustainably, museums:

1 Value and protect natural and cultural environments and are sensitive to the impact of the museum and its visitors on them.

2 Strive for excellence, building deep long-term relationships with a range of audiences.

Acknowledge the legacy contributed by previous generations and pass on a better legacy of collections, information and knowledge to the next generation.

4 Manage collections well, so that they will be a valued asset for future generations, not a burden.

Make the best use of energy and other natural resources and minimise waste, setting targets and monitoring progress towards them.

Consider the potential for demonstrating and encouraging sustainable development.

7 Contribute responsibly to the social, cultural and economic vitality of the local area and wider world.

8 Develop staff, offer satisfying and rewarding employment and learn from their experience and that of others.

9 Respond to changing political, social, environmental and economic contexts and have a clear long-term purpose that reflects society's expectations of museums.

Plan long-term, take full account of sustainable development in all their activities and policies and work within available resources.

11 Join with other museums, and other organisations, in partnerships and mergers, where it is the best way of meeting their purpose in the long term.

Sustainability checklist

We have produced a handy checklist to help you assess your museum's sustainability.

To download the checklist, please click here (word)