What our stakeholders think

The views of people from partnership organisations
BritainThinks conducted a series of deliberative workshops with members of the public to explore their views on the purposes of museums and their role in society, in February and March 2013. 

The Museums Association subsequently wished to further develop the work and complement it with the professional’s point of view by sharing the insights obtained with a range of stakeholders and engaging them in a discussion about the purposes and roles of museums in meeting society’s needs in the future.

"Stakeholders" refers to people from organisations that have worked in partnership with museums. A workshop with 10 professionals in key sectors that have a stake in the purposes and roles of museums was held in Central London on Tuesday 9 April 2013, and included representatives from the following organisations:

  • Make Justice Work
  • Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Vintage Vision
  • RNIB
  • nef
  • Grandparents Plus
  • Alzheimers Society
  • Flow Associates
  • Global Action Plan

The format of the workshop was structured but informal and consisted of an open discussion to understand: firstly, the purposes and roles of museums from the professional standpoint, in light of the public’s views, using output from the public deliberations as input for debate; secondly, the workshop created a forum for looking at the future agenda of museums.

The workshop also provided an opportunity for members of the Museums Association to join the discussion and engage directly with a range of stakeholders in a frank conversation about the key challenges facing their sectors and the potential role of museums in addressing these challenges.

This report looks to build on the findings from the deliberative research in terms of how museums can deliver on their public roles and with regards to partnerships and outreach programmes. It also aims to provide more understanding of the priorities of museums in terms of public funding, how these priorities could be implemented, the barriers and challenges to this, and how stakeholders prioritise ambitions.

This report is to be read in conjunction with BritainThinks’ Public Attitudes report and the Museums Association's Museums 2020 report.

The research was conducted by BritainThinks with funding from Arts Council England.

To download the stakeholder research, click here (pdf)

As part of our stakeholder research, we also held a roundtable event organised by the Museums Journal looking at how museums and charities can work in partnership.

To see a transcript of the roundtable discussion, click here