Watch | Keynote: Farhana Yahmin - Museums Association

Watch | Keynote: Farhana Yahmin

The climate crisis activist and environmental lawyer gave a keynote speech at our Conference & Exhibition in Brighton in 2019.

Yamin, who joined the Extinction Rebellion climate action group in 2018 as coordinator of its political team, advocates for the use of peaceful mass civil disobedience. She was arrested in 2019 for gluing herself to the London headquarters of oil giant, Shell.

As an environmental lawyer, Yamin has advised leaders and countries for nearly 30 years. She is an associate fellow at Chatham House, a trustee for Greenpeace UK and Julie’s Bicycle, and is on the programme committee of WWF-UK.

She is also a founder of Track 0, a not-for-profit organisation that acts as a hub to support those “transitioning to a clean, fair and bright future for future generations around the world compatible with the goals set out in the Paris Agreement”.


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