Digital hive - Museums Association

We’re pleased to launch the Museums for Climate Justice digital hive.

This is a virtual space hosted on Google’s Jamboard platform to share the actions you’re taking to tackle the climate and ecological crisis. Your actions can then inspire others, and we’ll use all content from the hive to create a shared output later this year.

The hive is now closed for new additions.

How to use

  • Browse through the slides and respond to any prompts which resonate with you and your actions by using the text box or sticky note buttons on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Feel free to include images by using the image insert button on the left-hand side of the screen – if you include an image, don’t forget to add a caption for accessibility using the text box button.
  • Take a look at responses from Twitter on the Twitter slide, and make requests for content you’d like to see from us on the request slide.
  • Please note that this is a community space, and hate speech or messages inciting violence will be removed.