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Setting up Gift Aid

  • Nominate one responsible person to take care of the Gift Aid paperwork
  • Apply online for HMRC recognition for your charity
  • Review all of the activities in your organisation to identify where Gift Aid can be claimed
  • Use HMRC templates to create the wording for your Gift Aid Declaration
  • Ensure that any staff or volunteers who will be accepting donations fully understand the rules: who is eligible to make a donation and what their Gift Aid declaration should contain. This is very important in case of an HMRC audit; declarations found to be invalid must be repaid with interest
  • Ensure Gift Aid is well publicised to your visitors; the more aware people are of the scheme, the more likely they are to donate (see promotion tips below)
  • Embed an electronic Gift Aid declaration facility in your online payment system. The donation cannot be by default, it must be a positive decision by the donor (for example, a tick box)
  • Put a system in place to log and record all Gift Aid receipts. Many institutions use a specific Gift Aid software package to manage all requirements such as donations, declarations and tax claim reports. This doesn’t need to cost the earth; packages can start from around £40. See the MA’s Find a supplier section for more information
  • The Charities Online portal with intelligent forms makes it easier to file Gift Aid declarations online and reduce the administrative burden of making claims. The electronic system also enables organisations to submit claims via their own database software.

Promoting Gift Aid

  • Include a prominent message promoting Gift Aid wherever you request donations. Let people know how far their donation goes at no extra cost to them
  • Give some small examples about how the extra money will benefit the museum
  • Make sure everyone working in the museum understands how Gift Aid works
  • Ensure higher rate taxpayers maximise their Gift Aid
  • Publicly acknowledge donors’ generosity in newsletters and other literature

General links and resources

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