Museums in the UK 2018

Key indicators

Audiences and Visitors

• Overall, museum attendance was healthy – 46% of museums said that their visitor numbers had increased in 2016–17 compared to the previous year, although almost a third (32%) said that they had decreased.

• A significant number of museums (11%) reduced opening hours.

• A small number of museums (4%) introduced new admission charges.

Funding Issues

• There is continued pressure on local authority museum funding: local authority museums (39%) and independent museums formerly run by local authorities (54%) were the most likely to report reduced overall funds.

• Large proportions of these types of museum also experienced a decrease in regular public income (51% of local authority museums, and 58% of independent former local authority museums).

• But many museums reported relatively healthy finances – 37% said that their overall funds had increased, and 35% reported that they had stayed the same.

Public-Facing Activities

• Museums’ public engagement is strong, with a strong tendency for educational, public events and temporary exhibitions activity to either increase or remain the same.

• Museums are engaging with a wide range of groups, and not only traditional ones – for example almost half work on health and wellbeing projects (46%).


• In the sector overall, the number of museums that had undergone workforce cutbacks (21%) was balanced by those that had increased their staffing levels (20%).

• But local authority museums were much more likely to have made staffing cuts (34%) than grown their workforce (6%).


• Overall, 4% of the museum sector workforce are non-UK EU citizens.

• The museums most likely to employ people from this group were in Northern Ireland (7%) and Scotland (6%).

• Over a third of museums could have their staffing arrangements disrupted by Brexit.

• The museum sector has identified many risks relating to Brexit, alongside a smaller number of opportunities.

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