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UK museum closures since 2005
We consider a museum to be closed when it has ceased completely to operate regular public opening hours. A small number of museums that have later reopened as a different organisation are included on this map. These are restricted to cases where their operations are markedly different from their previous operations.

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08.09.2018, 13:24
I reckon the map needs updating. Canterbury Heritage Museum is no longer a museum
20.02.2017, 13:29
Although classed as a 'tourist attraction', Celtica in Machynlleth closed in 2006.
04.10.2013, 14:11
We need more funding in our museums, as with out them how will future generations, will not be able to understand how different human cultures have evolved and' how they have interacted and also influenced our own culture and society. We need to understand the past in order to try and understand and learn from it. Thus with the help of the different styles of museums, we hope to try to understand how our present life is as it is. So with the different influences of our museums we hope for a better future for our children and future generations.