Marginal constituencies

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National party effort is concentrated on marginal seats: a constituency held with a narrow majority. As these seats require a small ‘swing’ of support to change hands, party workers are moved into these areas to target undecided voters by canvassing and leafleting.

Feedback from canvassing is regularly passed to national party headquarters. Questions raised by floating voters are analysed and if an issue is of significant interest to this electoral group, it could result in media announcements and policy pledges from national party figures.

Marginal constituencies are also a priority on the tour itineraries of leading political figures. This is an opportune moment to try to tie them down to policy commitments before they are firmly settled in their Whitehall offices and unapproachable for the next term. If you do have an interesting conversation with a visiting national spokesperson, ensure that you write and thank them and put what they said on record.


Museums and the election (pdf)