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Improve your advocacy and speak up for your museum
Through …Love Museums the Museums Association (MA) offers practical advice and support on advocacy to help museum staff understand the importance of making their case, featuring basic techniques and tips and ways to build the argument for your organisation.

In addition to this, the MA has developed a range of useful resources to assist museums in their advocacy efforts; these include links to relevant sector reports and research, case studies from successful advocates and information sheets on advocacy-related topics.

Stacey Arnold, the MA’s advocacy associate, said: “At a time of such political and economic uncertainty it’s crucial for museums to present clear and compelling arguments for what they do and to demonstrate their value.

”The argument may not simply be an economic one, but could equally be about helping museums cement relationships with other influential people or groups, from the board to local councillors.

“There’s a growing awareness that the museums sector needs to present a clearer, stronger voice, particularly to policy-makers and museum visitors. At the same time every organisation will have its own specific needs and will need to galvanise their key stakeholders to support their work.

“We are keen for advocacy to be seen as a long-term aspiration, and not a quick fix for a short-term issue. The most successful messages are those that are repeated long enough for them to be both memorable and meaningful.”


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