Code of Ethics review - Museums Association

Code of Ethics review

Since the Museums Association (MA) last reviewed the Code of Ethics for Museums in 2014-15, there have been significant changes in the sector and society such as the Covid pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the cost-of-living crisis. We therefore recognise the need to review the Code of Ethics to consider these changes and the ethical ramifications they might have.

The review of the code will be in full consultation with the sector and key stakeholders. We will establish a task and finish working group to complete the work and then make recommendations to the Ethics Committee and the MA board.

The review will assess the effectiveness of the code, guidance and advice, and recommend any changes to improve support for members and encourage ethical practice in the sector. This could include: revisions to the text of the Code of Ethics; proposals for additional guidance or resources; and changes to how the Ethics Committee works and supports the sector.

The aim is to begin the consultation process this month, with testing and engagement events this year and the final version to be agreed at the MA AGM in autumn 2024.

If you are interested in contributing to the review or have any queries, please contact India Divers, policy and campaigns officer at the Museums Association, at

Introducing our new Ethics Committee members

The Ethics Committee has recently recruited four new members to support the work of the committee and the review of the Code of Ethics. These are:

  • Dominique Bouchard, head of learning and interpretation, English Heritage
  • Niels de Vos, chairman, Birmingham Museums Trust
  • Jenny Durrant, independent researcher and writer
  • Agrippa Njanina, community engagement officer, Global Voices Local Choices, National Museums Northern Ireland