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How funders are supporting the understanding of our history

As a group of independent charitable funders, we are expressing our support for the work being undertaken by our arts, culture and heritage sectors to explore the UK’s complex history fully, imaginatively, and truthfully.

We admire the range of activity being undertaken in this area. Led by colleagues whose expertise and knowledge can inspire, educate and empower audiences and communities across the UK, it helps us understand our past and build a better future. Through this work, we serve our many and diverse communities, making sure everyone feels welcomed.

Our support is underpinned by our belief in the importance of the independence of the charity sector, and those that fund them, and the arm’s-length principle, as well as academic freedom and freedom of expression.

This independence is something to cherish as a marker of a democratically representative and healthy society. Without it, we risk only a partial retelling of our shared history and stories, something which could reinforce inequalities and power structures that have no place in a global UK.

We stand by our world-renowned cultural institutions – centres of research and expertise – and look forward to continuing to support them all in this vital work.

By Art Fund, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, John Ellerman Foundation and Paul Hamlyn Foundation