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Join in the BBC’s #MuseumPassion event

The BBC – in partnership with the Museums Association, National Museum Directors’ Council and Art Fund – is calling for museums across the UK to participate in an event called #MuseumPassion on 15 October, as part of a season highlighting the work of museums which will feature on TV, radio and online.

The #MuseumPassion event will consist of a whole day of promoted content on social media, TV and radio focusing on the UK’s museums, and will be similar to the highly successful #MuseumFromHome event run by the BBC in April as part of its Culture in Quarantine season.

Other events taking place during the week will include coverage of the Art Fund Museum of the Year award, four dedicated TV programmes on museums around the UK, and online promotion of a new series of Curator Battles to be run by York Museum.

What do you need to do to participate?

All you need to do is to use the hashtag #MuseumPassion when posting on your regular social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.) from 1000-1700 on 15 October for the opportunity to have your content shared with a global audience. The BBC will host and highlight social media content throughout the day from museums, galleries and archives via the BBC Arts Website and across other BBC programmes and accounts.

What kind of content are we looking for?

We’re interested in stories or objects that make people passionate about museums and their collections. The theme of #MuseumPassion is purposefully broad – you could share content about specific items in your collection, the history of your institution, or how your museum is engaging with people on important contemporary issues such as Climate Change, Covid-19 or Black Lives Mattter. The important thing is to share and celebrate what you’ve been working on in your museum, no matter what size or type of museum.

Please ensure that you are following all Covid-19 safety guidance and legislation when producing any content for the day.

What format of content are we looking for?

We are looking for museums to contribute to #MuseumPassion with live streams, films, memes, blogs, pictures or simply a great story. What are the ideas, collections, activities and exhibitions that you want to share with audiences? It doesn’t have to be hi-tech – anyone can join in.

By using the hashtag #MuseumPassion on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, you can make sure that your content will be available to the BBC to be promoted to a wide audience. The BBC will endeavour to highlight as much of this content as possible across its platforms throughout the day, and it will also be promoted by other #MuseumPassion partners.

Who will the audience be?

There is huge public appetite for engagement with museums on social media at present, and this event will build on many of the other social media initiatives that have been so successful in recent months. The #MuseumFromHome event was the top trending hashtag on Twitter with 24,000 tweets using the hashtag across the day.

It will be a day of sharing and a chance to let people know how they can support museums. The idea is to get everyone talking about museums – so we’re encouraging you to share your stories, your work, your ideas using #MuseumPassion.