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I have been a member of the Museums Association for over 25 years and it is my honour and pleasure to now serve as the President of the Association.

We live in a period of rapid change and we know that museums and the communities we serve must adapt to survive. But we also know that our museums are ideally placed to help foster conversations and cohesion and help communities face up to the challenging times ahead.

The MA’s values centre on courage, collaboration, equality and leading change by example and we strive to apply those values to everything that we do. That includes making the case for the value of museums to society. Over the past year we have worked in partnership to run advocacy events in Westminster and the Senedd and have met with senior civil servants and politicians across the UK to make the case for continued investment in our museums.

In order for us to work well with our communities we know we need a dynamic, engaged and skilled workforce.

Our professional development programmes, including the Associateship of the Museums Association, the Fellowship pf the Museums Association and Transformers, aim to support you through every stage of your career. This year we will run a student event for the first time to support those entering the sector and we will continue to champion diversity and inclusion as key priorities in our workforce strategy.

Collections and the public are at the heart of what museums do and earlier this year we launched Collections 2030, a major research project looking at the long-term purpose, use and management of collections. Alongside this we continue to deliver the Esmee Fairbairn Collections Fund which distributes over £1m a year for collections development projects that make a difference.

The MA’s vision is for socially engaged museums at the heart of their communities and we have developed a new Toolkit for Measuring Socially Engaged Practice and have launched Museums Change Lives awards that recognise best practice in this area. Our new Partnerships with Purpose project will pilot bringing together community organisations and museums to forge exciting new alliances over the course of this year.

We know that active participation in our museums makes them vibrant and lively places to be and we have worked with experts in this area to develop Power to the People, a new framework for participatory practice which will support museums develop their work with communities.

Partnership and collaboration also bring maximum impact and benefit for our members and the wider sector. The MA has worked with a diverse range of sector bodies, stakeholders, funders and networks over the past year on issues such as workforce diversity, audience development and the future of collections.

Our focus on advocacy, championing the sector and delivering the best service for our members has meant that we have grown our membership once again. I would like to thank our Board, Membership Representatives, and all those who have volunteered their time to the MA for the work they have done over the past year. I look forward to working with you all over the course of the next year to help create relevant, dynamic and engaged museums at the heart of our communities.

Maggie Appleton
President, Museums Association

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