Covid-19: Advocacy update

How the MA is working on behalf of the sector during the coronavirus pandemic
The Museums Association is working hard on your behalf throughout the coronavirus crisis. In the past weeks, we have:

  • Contacted politicians and civil servants across the UK to demand urgent help for museums. We have called for targeted help for charities; the relaxation of Gift Aid rules during the crisis; greater flexibility in furloughing staff; and improvements to the financial help available to freelancers.
  • Worked with funders to clarify eligibility for emergency funding.
  • Worked with the BBC to create new partnerships for the sector.
  • Updated our FAQs for organisations and individuals seeking support.

We are working closely with other sector bodies and across all nation of the UK to make the case for the museum sector. If you want to get in touch about our advocacy efforts, or if you have information or case studies to help our campaigns, please email: