Museum Practice relaunches online

Museum Practice relaunches with a special report into carbon footprinting

Museum Practice (MP) has today relaunched as a monthly online publication, with the first issue investigating how museums can calculate – and reduce – their carbon footprints.

MP was first launched 14 years ago to provide up-to-date examples of new developments in museums and galleries, from the latest technology to new ways of interpreting objects and storing collections.

A lot has changed since then, but the need to share information across institutions is just as pressing – and the internet is increasingly the preferred way to do this.

Moving online will allow MP to respond to the issues facing museums quickly and regularly.

While still providing the usual in-depth analysis, the new-look MP will also be more accessible and interactive, with opportunities for readers to contribute case studies and share best practice.

Going online is also more environmentally sustainable. For this reason, the first online edition focuses on carbon footprinting.

Find out how museums can best calculate their impact on the environment and use that information to curb their energy consumption – and save money too. You can also share your own green stories about what your museum is doing to reduce its carbon footprint.
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(Image: Waterlilly House, Kew Gardens, RBG Kew)