AMA tips

Becoming an AMA will help you achieve your goals through your own initiative and planning. It will help enhance your job satisfaction and can help advance your career here are some tips to help you along the way.


· If you are struggling financially some assistance is available for help with CPD activities and AMA fees.

Support during your AMA

· If you are struggling to find a mentor then make sure you are being open-minded in your search. Remember that the role of the mentor is to support you through the CPD process so it's more important to find someone who you can work well with rather than someone who shares your specialism.

· AMA support groups are there to offer peer support through regular meetings and events specifically for AMA participants. Click here for details of your local group.

Fitting CPD around work

· If you have recently changed jobs we can put your AMA on hold for 3 month period while you settle in. You must let us know at the start of the period so we can update your record.

· Throughout your AMA you need to do 70 hours of CPD, this works out as approximately one hour per week. Try to update your log as often as you can. When you can't get to your log, keep notes from your CPD activities safe so you can write them up later.

· If you are struggling with work commitments and CPD why not suggest to your AMA support group that you put together a meeting on time management.

Timeline (some loose guidelines for keeping on top of the CPD workload)

· 4 to 6 weeks after finding a mentor submit your first CPD plan for assessment.

· one year after submitting your first plan - submit your interim summary and write a revised plan.

· two years after submitting your first plan - come to professional review.