AMA paperwork

Resources and downloads for your professional development


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Information and registration for the AMA (pdf)

How to do the AMA


Guide to the AMA (pdf)

Log and Summary


How to complete a Log and Summary (pdf)

Professional Development Log (word)

Professional Development Interim Summary (word)

Example of a Professional Development Interim Summary (word)

Professional Development Plan


How to complete a Plan (pdf)

Professional Development Plan (word)

Example of a Professional Development Plan (word)

Knowledge Journal


How to use the AMA Knowledge Journal (pdf)

AMA Knowledge Journal (word)

Example of an AMA Knowledge Journal (word)
Work based project

Work based project guidance (pdf)

Evaluating your work based project (word)

Generating ideas for work based project (word)

Professional review


Your guide to the Professional Review (pdf)

Application form (word)

Reference form (word)

Professional Development Final Summary (word)

Example of a Professional Development Final Summary (word)

How to prepare for the professional review

Professional Review checklist (word)

Final paperwork must be sent in a month before review. You will be given a submission date when you book.

You need to fill in an application form to be sent in with your CPD plans and summary. You must also arrange for your mentor and another colleague to write a reference for you and send it to us a month before your review.
Other useful downloads

How to carry out a SWOT analysis

Visualising your future self (mp3 audio)
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Keeping the end in sight (mp3 audio)
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