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Oil painting, 'Peace and Goodwill', George Frederick Watts, 1904.

Large allegorical oil painting by GF Watts. 326 cm x 196 cm. A figure composition with the motif of mother and child; This is a symbolic picture where the setting, poses and clothing are used to suggest abstract ideas. When Watts was designing it he said, ‘Peace is to be a queen, though she is a wanderer and outcast from her kingdom. She will turn wearily towards a streak of light which may mean the dawn of better things.’ Watts sometimes asked pessimistically, ‘Is it dawn or conflagration?’ Goodwill, her son and heir, is the child on her knee. Watts’s widow presented this to St. Paul’s cathedral in 1907.

ContactSimon Carter
St Paul's Churchyard, London
United Kingdom

Date posted16.03.2017