Discover new products and special offers at Exhibition 2017

Free entry for all visitors and delegates

ACE awards Index on Censorship £100,000 to tackle arts censorship

Programme to involve boards, senior management, police and wider sector

Learn how to write sparkling museum text

What’s the Story, an MA seminar, will take place at MShed in Bristol

Dealing with controversial subjects is a sensitive issue

Museums displaying historical objects with contentious stories have to tread carefully

The appliance of science

Science centres will need to engage diverse audiences

Mining museums look to the future

The closure of the UK’s last deep-coal mine will necessitate a rethink
of the role of mining museums

Glasgow finds itself in the spotlight

Does the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme focus too much on the performing arts?


Confronting the legacy of the British Empire


Our heritage should be for everyone

Home and away

Museums are working hard to create a deeper understanding of migration


How can museums increase understanding of migration to the UK?

Trendswatch - live streaming

Museums can now widen their audience reach and ensure visitors no longer have to fear missing out on events

Holocaust remembrance

Interpreting this subject for audiences in the 21st century


Simon Stephens dips his toes into the world of whale skeletons

Civic centres

Victorian-built museums are being reinvigorated for the 21st century

On my bookshelf

The Art of Relevance, by Nina Simon


Museums, Moralities and Human Rights, by Richard Sandell

Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries, Fife

Beccy Angus is impressed by this sensitive revamp of a historic site

On my bookshelf

Oh the Places You’ll Go, Dr Seuss

Creating the New Western Australian Museum

Process has involved extensive dialogue with audiences and stakeholders

Naming nature

Taxonomy at the Natural History Museum

Your brain on art

How your brain responds when you walk into a museum

Heavy industry

Interpreting industrial heritage in the 21st century


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