National Museums Scotland wins right to acquire Galloway Hoard

Dumfries and Galloway Council loses appeal over £1.98m Viking hoard

Growing resistance to Stonehenge tunnel

Archaeologists say plans could damage public appreciation of midwinter solstice

Stonehenge road tunnel given the green light

Campaigners fear the tunnel would destroy the beauty of Stonehenge

The Basra Museum in Iraq gets funding to complete three galleries

Cultural Protection Fund issues its first round of grants for projects in the Middle East and Africa

BM trains Iraqi heritage experts

A government-backed scheme is attempting to protect cultural sites from the damage caused by war

Cuts are a conservation stopper

Budget cuts are affecting standards of conservation care

‘Don’t ignore Iraq destruction’

IS is reported to be razing Iraq’s heritage and Britain must be ready to help rebuild it


Museums take on climate change issues


How can the UK support museums in Iraq and Syria?

Saving the planet

What natural science collections can tell us

A conservator's view

Pierrette Squires at #museums2012

Museum of...

Hall i’ th’ Wood, near Bolton

Making history

How historic houses are reinventing themselves and attracting new visitors

The clothes shows

Exhibitions about fashion are all the rage

The documenters

Data experts talk about their crucial role in museums


Sara Wajid examines the author’s case for and against repatriating artefacts

On my bookshelf

Simon Cane

The Coffin Works, Birmingham

Former coffin-fitting works provides a fascinating insight into Birmingham’s industrial past

On my bookshelf

Helen Evans chooses Conserving Historic Vessels by National Historic Ships

Whale tale

A Dutch seascape and its lost leviathan

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